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Temples you can cover from Anakapalli

When You get down at Anakapalli

  1. durga temple
  2. sai babba temple is there.
this place for tiles, poultry and biscuit factories also

  1. Sri Satyanarayana Hill is there.
  2. Nalaramma temple
  3. Sri Rama temple.
  4. Sri Durga Hill
  5. Sri Nookambica Temple
  6. Kanyaka Parameshwari temple
  7. Gowri Parameshwari Temple
  8. Bhogalingeswara Swamy temple.
Nagulapalli which is on Anakapalli Bypass
  1. Sri Lord Rama temple.
Devipuram which is few kilometers from Anakapalli


Vizag.............venkateswara temple

  1. Durga temple
  2. Kali temple
  3. Gayathri Temple
  4. Durga Ashram
  5. Sri Sampathi Vinayaka Temple
  6. Sri Nookalama temple
  7. Sri Narasimha Swami Vari Temple
  8. Sri Polamaba Temple

From Bheemunipatnam via chittivalasa and Thagarapuvalasa reach NH 5 to reach

Kotarupalli---------------very powerful kanakadurga temple


An ancient temple of Pydithalli Ammavaru is situated in this town. Legend has it that one of the daughters of the Pasupati royal family was the reincarnation of the pressing deity, Pydithallamma. The local believe that with the blessings of the Goddess one can lead a happy & prosperous life. The idol of the Goddess was discovered on Vijayadasimi day way back in the year 1752. To mark the occasion, an annual jatra is held on21st and 22nd October which attracts large crowds.
The Moddukovillu temple is unique in that the Shivalinga in the temple has two different colours, symbolizing the male and female aspects of the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The temple was built by an old woman who dreamt about it on her way to the holy city of Kashi ( Banares). 

Located at 13 Kms from Vizianagaram. ---------------Ramatheertham
Located in Jammi on the banks of the river Gowthami, 10 Kms from Vizianagaram----------Jami vruksham
Located at 4 Kms from Srungavarapukota and 25 Kms from Vizianagaram---------------Punyagiri
Located at 20 Kms from Vizianagaram--------------Kumili
Located at 20 Kms from Vizianagaram-------------Govindapuram

Gyana Saraswati Temple
It is located in SVN nagar of Vizianagaram town. 
Dwadasa Jyothirlingas Temple
It is located in SVN nagar of Vizianagaram town. 
Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy Temple
It is located in SVN nagar of Vizianagaram town. 

Saripalli is famous for “Dibbi Lingeswara Swami” temple. The Chanukyas constructed this temple. This is 1000 years old. The sculpture carved on the temple is beautiful. 

Temples of Srikakulam

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temples of Kurnool district

Famous Temples In Kurnool District

  • Mantralayam - Raghavendra Swamy Temple.
  • Ahobilam - Narasimhaswamy Temple.
  • Srisailam - Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple
  • Mahanandi- Lord Mahanandeeswara
  • Yaganti- Lord Siva Temple
  • Adoni - Mahayogi Lakshmamma Avva Temple
  • Belum Caves - Under ground caves extending to Sri Sailam.
  • Urukunda Eranna - Kouthalam Mandalam, Adoni.
  • Maddilety Swamy, Rangapuram, Behtamcheral
  • Choudeswari Ammavaru/ Devi. Nandavaram, Banaganapalli.
  • Peddamma Ammavaru. Tangutur, Banaganapalli.
  • Sri Gospadu Peddamma Thalli Temple, Gospadu, Nandyal.
  • Pothaluri Veerabrahmendra Swamy Matham/Brahmamgari Matham, Banaganapalli.
  • Kolanu Bharaathi, Kothapalli, Athmakur.
  • Ranamandala Hanumantha, Adoni
  • Gadelingappa Samadhi, Gulyam, Halaharvi Mandalam.
  • Peravali Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple
  • Ayyappa Swamy temple near KC canal, central plaza back
  • Sri Dattasai Baba temple Nandikotkur road, Saraswathi nagar, near checkpost
  • Sri Rangayya Tata & Kadhar linganna darga at Kowtalam
  • Sri Koulutla Chenna Kesava Temple in Reservered Forest of Kappatrala.
  • Urukunda - Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Named as Sri Veeranna Swamy.
  • Kottavuru- sri subramanya swami temple. It is located near Nandavarm.
  • Puttalamma- Sri puttalamma devastanam. It is located near Ahobilam.
  • Nayanalappa- Sri Nayanaleswara swamy devastanam. It is located near Nossam.
  • patha padu Bangla, located nera to Banaganapalli.

temples of cuddappah district

temples of anantapur district

temples of chittor distrct